Data Platform

Build your Student Data Platform

Don’t let your data just sit in a warehouse.

What is a Student Data Platform?

A Student Data Platform (SDP) is designed to connect data from multiple systems, such as your SIS, LMS, and assessments, while providing a set of tools to aggregate and transform data, report and visualize information, and enable interoperability with both internal and external applications.

Data Warehouse

Aggregate SIS, LMS, assessment, learning data, and more into your data warehouse, creating a unified source of information. We leverage modern data services like BigQuery to manage your data.

Reports & Visualizations

Leverage rich, built-in visualization libraries to share actionable information across your organization with automated reporting mechanisms. Don’t pay for expensive visualization tools.

Automation & Alerts

Deploy automated alerts and early warnings to notify teachers and principals of learning risk in their classrooms, or to students and parents to help them stay on track with their course work.


Simplify interoperability of applications by enabling standard data interfaces like OneRoster, Ed-Fi, and xAPI endpoints, helping your organization leverage data to its full potential.

Full service support.

Our team of experts provide tailored support to design your Student Data Platform, capturing your specific data requirements and building around your existing infrastructure.